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March 25, 2010



Well... normal for 'Jess Boys' son!! lol... yes its normal.. he probably picked up the peeing outside from someone outside (perhaps his time with cedar lol) and thought it through... perhaps he will be a kayaker someday and was testing the flow of water???? Love you, and I seriously chuckled over this one! Atleast Cedar has done THAT... yet... *sigh* :)


I can't even count the number of times that the BOYS peed on the playground at The Children's Center. It's like born into them or something...this fascination with their body workings! So, I would say it's totally normal! What did you do when it happened? Did he say he had seen someone do that at school or something? Good luck! Praying for you (and that Tyler skips that part of being a boy!)!


Hi Heather,
I think there is nothing wrong with boys going to the bathroom outside. At the same time, however, I don't think they should go outside in front of other people. The trick is helping them determine good vs bad times and places for going to the bathroom outside. Right now the kids here still have to wear snow clothes outside and often rush in because they have nearly waited too long. I look forward to warmer weather and telling the boys that they no longer need to come in to go to the bathroom - dragging dirt in with them. We have talked about not wanting others to see our "private parts" and at least one of my boys tends to be modest. But I know that this is not something just "little" boys do. (For that matter, if girls are out in the woods and there is no bathroom available...they might just need to do the same thing.) Last year we had more than one time when the boys picked a really funny place to go potty- off the side of a boardwalk at a nature center as other people came from the opposite direction- in front of a tour bus when we were all stopped in a long time for road construction, etc. (It is twice as funny with two of them at the same time.) All that to say... I wouldn't really discipline him about it so much as just try to help him understand the appropriate way to do it.
(And hey- in the yard is better than in the pants!)

Travis L.

I'm sure this will come as no surprise to you, but I don't think there is anything abnormal about it (especially not warranting harsh punishment). I think it's a totally normal thing for a boy to do. You just need to teach him not to aim into the wind and he will be A-OK.

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